Proximity Sensor Switch With Dimmer


The Proximity Switch(motion sensor) is designed to be used in LED Aluminum profile. It is dedicated to switching LED lights “on” and “off” without touching the switch. The Proximity switch operates based on an active reflective photocell. The cyclical device sends a string of infrared impulses and measures the strength of the reflected signal. When a hand is close to the sensor the infrared impulses reflect from the hand and bounce back to the sensor. If the strength of the signal is maintained on the appropriate level, the output of the sensor will reverse its state. The infrared light is emitted on a definite frequency as a result. The sensor is resistant to signals coming from other sources such as infrared remote controls, lamps or other.



  • Code: D-PR02
  • Power: 96-192 W
  • Voltage: 12-24 V
  • Dimensions: 55x10 mm