About us

About the company

RALKO – a company that started its activity in 2005 from non-standard furniture production and today offers sliding door systems, fittings, furniture for the living room, kitchen, office or market. In 2012, the new LEDLT brand was created: the services provided include LED illumination, which has been traded in LED strips, profiles that have become an integral part of the home interior in recent years.


Continuous attendance and participation in international furniture exhibitions, consistent interest in new trends in the furniture industry give our company a competitive edge and uniqueness. Professionals working for JSC Ralko will not only choose high quality and durable materials for corpus furniture but will also offer an individual project that meets the latest design trends, ergonomic requirements and customer needs.

Sliding systems

Looking for new wardrobes, wardrobes, or planning to separate the home areas with partitions, not only want to buy a quality product that fits into the existing home interior but also awaits professional advice – that the item you purchase is durable and the choice of materials, colours, stylistics is right. Sliding door lockers and partitions produced by JSC Ralko use aluminium systems from well-known manufacturers – “Slider” and “Indeco” – and offer a wide assortment of profiles, panels, exclusive glass and mirrors.

Led lighting

The lighting in the home and office interior is of special importance, correctly chosen it will give your home a cosiness, functionality in the workspace. In cooperation with interior designers and architects, the innovative ideas of using LED lighting are successfully implemented in practice. For several years, the company has been integrating economical, modern and long-lasting LED lightings into many pieces of furniture.